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Our solution is simple. We deliver the right person at the right time.

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How We Operate

We believe in the old-fashioned, tried-and-true methodology of recruiting.  Our recruiters are constantly building and maintaining a network of local, IT professionals.  We are not flush with Internet candidates.  Our recruiters spend time in specific technical niches.  This gives us a distinct advantage in the recruiting process.  We have a constant pool of candidates to draw from, and our expertise covers all of the core IT fields from the help desk to the CIO’s office.

We know the local market and have conducted thousands of successful searches. We listen. We learn. We act.

You Dream.

You Plan.

We Deliver.

Dedicated To Advancing In Your Career

Recruiters of Minnesota is connected to the “Who’s Who” of the Twin Cities.  We have made more placements than our competition, and we treat our candidates differently.  Our knowledge is what sets us apart.  We believe your career is more important than a fee. 


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