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Tim Olmstead

Tim Olmstead is a Technical Recruiter. Tim has been with Recruiters of Minnesota since 2015.  Tim focuses on recruiting .NET, Java, UX/UI, React, Angular, DevOps, Cloud, Machine Learning, and Big Data Developer and Leadership positions.  Tim’s role in the recruiting process can vary depending on the candidate and client needs.  He can simply be a matchmaker if the candidate is comfortable with the job search process; however, Tim will always provide a hands-on approach if the candidate needs help in any or all areas of the job search.  Tim’s insight and experience with the IT market in the Twin Cities will benefit both the candidate and the client.

Tim obtained a bachelor’s degree from Gustavus Adolphus University in St. Peter, Minnesota.  Tim and his wife, Natalie, have two daughters, Elle & Madeline.  Originally from Glencoe, Minnesota, Tim now lives in Chanhassen where he enjoys basketball, football, and the hunting and fishing seasons.

Tim’s favorite quote (from a poster at his friend’s house), “Work hard and be nice to people.”


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